It was at the end of the school year, and a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her students the florist’s son handed her a gift. Se sook it, held it overhead, and said “I bet I know what it is flower” “That’s right” the boy said.
“But how did you know?” “Oh, just a wild guest, “She said. The next pupil was the candy shop owner’s daughter. The teacher held her gilt overhead, shook it, and said, “I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets. “That’s right, but how did you know?
Asked the girl. Oh, just a lucky
Gues said the teacher.
The next girl was from the son of the liquor store owner. The teacher held the packade overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a drop of the leakage with her finger.
And licked it. Is it wine? She asked no, the boy replied, with some excitement.
The teacher repeated the proses, taking a large drop of the leakage to her tongue. Is it champagne? She asked No, the boy replied, with more excitement. The teacher took one more taste before declaring I give up what is it?
With gread happiness, the boy replied, it’s a puppy!


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