A Bumpy Flight

This is your captain speaking. We have had a failure in one of our engines. There is no cause for alarm as we still have three engines left. Unfortunately this means that we will be one hour late.”
A short time later the captain again spoke to the passengers :”There is no cause for alarm, but we have just lost another engine. We will now be two hours late.”
When the captain spoke to the passengers for the third time, he again had bad news. “Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you that we are in no danger, but I must inform you that we have had another engine failure. This means that we will now be three hours late.”
Finally, the captain announced that the fourth engine had failed.
One of the passengers turned to another passenger and said, ”Oh no! That means we’ll be four hours late!”

Kosa Kata :
Assure : menjamin
Announces : mengumumkan
Another : yang lain
Again : lagi
Bumpy : bumper
Danger : bahaya
Engine : mesin
Failure : kegagalan
Flight : penerbangan
Left : sebelah kiri
Passengers : penumpang

Sumber : Linked to the world 2


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