Taamenang was a poor African farmer, weighed down by his worries. One morning he decided to carry all his problems to the Almighty God to see whether He could offer a solution. He gathered them up, tied them up in a bundle and carried them up to the house of God. Timidly he knocked on the sacred door. Lightning flashed out and the door flew open, nearly throwing Taamenang to the ground. A voice said from within, “Come in, Taamenang!”
The man struggled in with the bundle on his head
“What do you want?” asked the voice
“Almighty God, I know that You all things are possible. Please reduce my problems to suit my size. My problems are too many and too great for me.”
Almighty God laughed and the laugh sounded like thunder. Then He said in a very calm, soothing voice, “My son, step out of the door of this house and throw your bundle down into the valley!”
The man quickly did as God had ordered him. “My child, “came the voice again, “it is forbidden for any living person to be without problems, so go down into the Valley of Tears and choose a bundle that suits your size.”
Down in the Valley of Tears, Taamenang examined the many bundles that had been thrown there. After spending the whole day weighing all of them, he discovered the lightest one and thought that it would be quite suitable for him. He carried it up the door of the Almighty and stood smiling and waiting. Soon the door flashed open and Taamenang walked in. Then, he spoke delightedly to God, “Almighty, I have found the lightest bundle for myself.”
God replied with a deep booming laugh that shook the whole house to its very foundations. “My son,” He said to Taamenang, “the bundle you have selected is the very same bundle that you threw down into the valley this morning.”
(From a research project into oral traditions in Bamenda, Cameroon)


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