When we buy a mobile phone, we have to consider some points. Doing so, we will be able to make a wise decision.
If we decide to buy a mobile phone, we can start asking ourselves the usefulness of the equipment. We may ask, “Do we want it for our prestige or for its usefulness?”
After we decide to use a mobile phone, we should make a choice on the type of mobile phone. With the various choices in the market, we should decide the one that meets our needs. We must know what we need.
As the consequence of its high operational costs, we have to pay more for a mobile phone compared to a fixed telephone. That is why we have to think carefully before we decide to use it. Therefore, we only use the mobile phone for important talks. It will not be wise if we use it for a chat with a friend.
With all the consequences of the mobile phone, we indeed should give serious considerations before using it.
They are :
1. Ask yourself, “Do I really need it at the moment?”
2. Buy the mobile phone that suits your budget
3. Prioritize the function of the mobile phone for you, rather than its features that may interest you
4. Use the mobile phone for important talks

English student worksheet 5


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