There is no one best way to deal with pests in agriculture. Pesticides are commonly used, but this may cause many problems. That’s why I feel that combining different management operations is the most effective way to control pests.
The chemicals in pesticides may build as residues in the environment. This reduces the quality of farm produce. As well, pests can gradually become resistant to pesticides. This means the newer and sometimes stronger ones have to be developed.
Some pesticides affect non target animals such as fish and bees. This affects the natural balance. Also aiming to completely wipe out agricultural pests may be very expensive. Sometimes pests damage costs less than the method of control.
Understanding the ecology of the area helps a lot in pest control. Natural enemies can be used to control a pest. Pesticides would be chosen that don’t affect the natural enemies. Therefore, I think integrated pest management is a safe and more effective option in agriculture.

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