Romeo Montaque and Juliet Capulet lived in Verona. They met at a party and it was love at first sight. Their families were enemies so the young couple could not meet in the open. They got married in secret with the help of a priest, Friar Laurence, and Juliet’s maid.
Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, hated Romeo and the Montagues. One day he met Romeo and his friend Mercutio in the street. They had a sword fight and Mercutio was killed. Romeo was so upset that he attacked and killed Tybalt in revenge.
As a result of this, Romeo had to leave Verona to save his life. He visited Juliet secretly that night and then left for Mantua. Juliet’s parents wanted Juliet to marry Paris, a fried of the family. They arranged the marriage and Juliet was horrified. She asked Friar Laurence to help her. He suggested a plan; he gave her a drug to make her sleep for a long time and appear dead to everyone else. When Juliet woke up, she could join Romeo in Mantua. Friar Laurence promised to write to Romeo and explain the plan.
The night before the wedding, Juliet took the drug and her family found her “dead” in the morning. The wedding celebration turned into a funeral. Unfortunately, Romeo never recieved the letter from Friar Laurence. He returned to Verona, when he found Juliet’s body. He thought she was dead and he was so devastated that he killed himself. When Juliet woke up and saw Romeo lying dead beside her, she killed herself too, with his dagger.
As a refult of this tragic series of events, the Capulets and the Montagues agreed to stop fighting and live in peace together.

(Taken from Your Turn)

Thanks for the Attention
Enemies : musuh Returned : kembali
Sword : pedang Agreed : setuju
Attacked : menyerang Flyghting : bertarung
Secretly : diam-diam Drug : obat-obatan
Street : jalan Dead : mati
Events : setiap serat Killed : terbunuh
Beside : disamping Wedding : pernikahan


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