Once upon a time, there was an old widow. Her name was Mbok Rondo Dadapan. She was very poor. Her job was looking for the fish along the river. The river was not far from her hut.
One day, she found a golden snail. She took the snail home and put it in the jar in her kitchen. She kept the snail well and fed it enough food.
Several days later, after coming back from her daily fishing she found delicious meal on the table. Her hut was clean. And this happened almost everyday for a long time.
Then one day, she did not go fishing. But she peeped from outside of her hut. She saw a beautiful princess going out of the jar where she kept the golden snail. The princess prepared the meal and cleaned the hut.
The princess was surprised when Mbok Rondo Dadapan came in and asked”, Who are you?” So the princess told her life and was willing to be Mbok Rondo Dadapan’s daughter.
Finally she did not become a golden snail anymore. She became a beautiful girl


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