Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago in a little village it self and in the palace there lived a king. The king wanted to be rich.
One day the king promised one of his gardeners there million gold coins if he could grow tree all year around which bond rich golden fruit. The gardener searched all over the countryside but he could not find the right seed to grow a tree which would bear golden fruit.
So at last he went to see the wise old owl, who lived deep in the forest and knew all about many things. The wise old owl told him what to do and where to go to get the right seed to plant. The gardener went exactly where he was told and did exactly what he was told. He planted the seed and gave it some water, some fertilizer and he waited. Suddenly the tree sprang up so quickly that it made the gardener jump.
The gardener watched as the tree began to bear rich golden fruit. He ran back to the place and took the king to see the tree. When the king stood there for a long time, starring at it open mouthed, the gardener asked for his three million coins. So the king agreed to the request and the gardener took his money and went home and lived happily ever after


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