Once upon a time there lived a group of rats under a tree in peace. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowingly destroyed the homes of all the rats. Many of them were death.
Then the king of rats decided to approach the elephant chief and request him to guide his herd through another route. On hearing the sad story, the elephant king apologized and agreed to take another route. And so the lives of the rats were saved.
One day elephant-hunters came to the jungle and trapped a group of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephant king suddenly remembered the king of the rats. He summoned one of the elephants of his herd, wich had not been trapped, to go seek help from the king of rats.
The elephant went to the rat king and told him about the trapped elephants
The rat king immediately look his entire group of rats and they cut open the nets which had trapped the elephants herd. The elephants herd was totaly set free. They dance with joy and thanked the rats.
OK, friends thanks for you attention

Unknowingly : tidak mengetahui
Destroyed : merusak
Decided : menentukan
Approch : mengangkat
Chief : pemimpin
Guide : penunjuk jalan
Hunters : pemburu
Summon : mengundang
Trapped : perangkap


2 Tanggapan

  1. thanks bro, sangat membntu saya.

    • inggih sami2 kang mas dimas lale….:D

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