“Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on a TV screen, don’t make it factual.” Those lines are quoted from one of Michael Jacson’s Song’s. Tabloid junkie when Jacko released the album history, which contains the above song, his relationship with the media was far from line. Michael Jacson has not been the only star who has fretted about his privasy being invaded by the press.
Regardless of whether he was quity or not, whther the media was telling the truth or not, media users like us who are the potential target of the media, should make our own judgements. When we talk about media and information, we expect the media to give us true and ubiased information. We expect the media to be as objective as possible. But, the raelity is things are not always the way we want them to be. The world is not very black and white, it’s mostly grey. Even the truth may be adjustble.
Dealing with something like this, I think we have to rely on one thing : our own conscience. Let our own conscience speak before we decide whether something is right or wrong. We must provide our serves with as much information as possible from all sides of the story. As wise men say “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”

(Taken with some changes from c’ns magazine)

Thank you for the attention!!!!